Information about JOF Finances

Too often, budgeting for a church is simply an exercise “in making the numbers work.” Church budgeting should be much more.

Any church budget process requires a great leap of faith. Without adding faith into the mix, the budget becomes meaningless for the church. There must be faith that God will help the church reach the projected income and there must be faith that God will help the staff keep the expenditures in line.

Making the numbers work and a leap of faith are both required.

At Journey of Faith, we use a narrative budget.  It provides a glimpse of how we as a congregation are living out in practical ways the broad brush strokes of the church’s mission statement. This narrative of who we are as a church unfolds in Scripture, in the life of Jesus, and in the places of the world in which we live.

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Sometimes, called a Ministry-Based Budget, the Narrative Budget is a representation of the line item budget in simple, descriptive terms.  It tells the story of the congregation so others may support the church's good work.  The narrative budget focuses less on the financial numbers and more on what the income accomplishes.


2018 Budget

The budget presented here was approved at the January 2018 Annual Congregational Meeting.  Projected expenses were based on actual expenses incurred in 2017.  A church’s budget is a good picture of its' priorities.  We try to be ready to demonstrate that the funds God has provided are being stewarded faithfully and wisely. 

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How your money is spent

We provide the congregation with an annual budget breakdown, detailing specific expenditures, like salaries, and estimated expenditures for events or programs the church has planned for the year.  We believe it's important for the congregation to have an understanding of the church finances and a say in how their donations are used.


"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."  — Matthew 6:21