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Our culture likes big, extravagant, spectacular.  Just take a look at summer blockbusters.  Each sequel has to be bigger and more exciting.  That’s how we get Spider-man chasing a villain through a suburban neighborhood during Christmas.

It’s easy to think that God shows up only in the big and bold.  And at times God does.  The scriptures, though, are full of examples of God showing up in the smallest and most ordinary of ways – in things like a mustard seed, pebbles and the smiles of the old.

We're a small church with a vision of church life rooted in faithfulness.  We’re embracing who we are by working on the basics like:  Real-world Bible teaching, genuine relationships, practical ministries, and clean, safe, fun childcare.

We’re taking a more personal approach to ministry.  We’re building a stronger church by valuing each community member (inside and outside the church), focusing on our own personal relationship with Christ and creating a faith community that pursues God’s desires for God’s creation.

Christ and His gospel of grace are at the center of who we are as church.  We believe God calls Journey of Faith to continue Christ’s good work.  We’re investing more of our love, time, energy and resources in people Jesus cared most about – he called the “least of these” (the poor, the marginalized, the forgotten, people hurt by injustice) in the Scriptures.

We want to jump off the treadmill of bigger, better, faster, stronger and create space for compassion, peace, justice and authenticity to emerge from a small local church.  

We’d love to see you at a worship service.

(In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the video … It’s what Great in the Small is about – seeing God working in the smaller things of life.)

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts ..."  — Corinthians 3:15

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We know attending church doesn't make sense for a lot people today.  You might have even asked yourself — why bother? 

For us, there are two compelling reasons to attend church:  

o   Being the church (not just attending) is about living your life for Christ.  That’s deeply scriptural and holy and powerful.

o   Gathering together to journey in faith together and help others was Jesus’ idea.   We figure Jesus knows something we don't.


So, why attend this church?

o   This is a safe place for people to explore their faith. 

o   Nothing changes the world more powerfully than the love and hope of Christ shared with a world that so desperately needs it — we want the church to be a part of that.

o   We believe everything this church says or does should try to reflect God's love for everyone.

"Join us any Sunday to worship and be fed by our living God!"  —Pastor Alex

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