“Ease up. Even as they are, these people are my people. Even as it is, this church is my church.”


We’re part of a church movement known as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The founders envisioned a united church of Jesus Christ modeled on the New Testament.

Journey of Faith staff and volunteers are part of a diverse worshipping community and represent a wide variety of Disciples and their witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Pastor: Alex McCauslin

Alex began serving this congregation in October 2014, excited by it’s vitality in worship and mission. Being in Ann Arbor isn’t always easy for her, though, as she’s alum of Michigan State University. (The constant barrage of blue and gold is difficult until she remembers that these colors blend to make green.)

Alex is also a graduate of University of Chicago’s Divinity School, where she earned her MDiv while residing at Disciples Divinity House. Between earning the two degrees, she spent a period of time working for the Americorps in Detroit.

Inspired by her experience growing up in the suburbs (Bloomfield Hills) and then working in the city, her Master’s thesis was focused on the theology of race and place in the divide between Metro Detroit’s city and suburbs.

When she’s in a quiet mood, Alex likes to read and write. More often though, she spends her free time outside, gardening, running and hiking with her husband Luke, and walking and playing fetch with her chocolate lab, Doxology.

You can reach Alex at amccauslin@gmail.com or 248.877.4669. Her office hours are: 

Tuesdays 8:00-10:30 a.m. at Diesel Coffee in Ann Arbor (at Stadium & Packard)

Wednesdays 3:00-5:30 p.m. at Cultivate in Ypsilanti (at 307 N. River St)

No appointments needed!


Music Director: Andy Peck

Andy Peck received some of his first performance experience in music playing bass and French horn in church starting just after age 10 at Calvary Non-Denominational in Grand Rapids, MI. In the coming years, he attended Interlochen Arts Academy and the New England Conservatory of music and soon after won a position in the US Air Force Band program.

Between 2006 and 2014, Andy played all over the U.S. and Europe and for three years was the regular bassist for Mt. Zion First Baptist in San Antonio, TX. One of his most memorable life experiences was visiting J.S. Bach’s former workplace at the Thomaskirche in Leipzig. 

Today, Andy still stays active as a freelance instrumentalist and teacher dabbling also in guitar, cello and piano.

Andy settled permanently in Ypsilanti just before finishing graduate school in April 2016 through University of Michigan. Now, along with his wife, Alyssa, enjoys having adventures with his three koi, two cats and rat terrier.  Andy can be reached at atpeck@umich.edu


Administrative Assistant: Karen Neal

Karen and her husband Tom (see below) joined this congregation in 1991 when their son was 6 years old. Their son has since married and had his own son, her beautiful grandson for whom she thanks God for every day. She was hired as church secretary in 1995 and has worked with many pastors over the years.

Karen loves kids and she reads a lot of books. She also enjoys playing games, doing puzzles, listening to music, dancing, gardening, kayaking, and collecting rocks (she is a rock fanatic!). Karen tries to spend as much time as possible at her family’s cabin up on Crystal Lake in Frankfort, MI, right down the road from Crystal Conference Center, where many of our community’s children and youth have gone to camp over the years. You can reach Karen at jofdisciples@gmail.com


Building Manager: Tom Neal

Thomas Franklin Neal III was born in Wichita, Kansas and baptized into the Disciples of Christ (at Dearborn Christian Church, now closed). When he was a child, he attended the very first Family Camp on Crystal Lake in 1959.

He’s a long time member of Journey of Faith (though when he joined, it was Memorial Christian Church) along with his wife of 32 years Karen and his son. For most of his adult life (35 years!), he worked at Ford as a die maker and gage repairmen. When he retired in 2008, he took the job as custodian for this church (where he also serves as property chairmen).

Tom enjoys woodworking and working on and driving his 1952 Ford Pick-Up. He and Karen live in Plymouth, where they’re constantly working on and beautifying their 1923 2-story farmhouse. Like Karen, he feels very blessed by his not-quite year old grandson (Thomas Franklin Neal V). You can reach Tom at jofdisciples@gmail.com



Bookeeper:  Rev. Rick Modglin-Green

Rick is currently serving as the Associate Pastor at Central Woodward Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He serves as the Associate Pastor for church growth and preaches at Central Woodward on occasion. Rick was ordained in November 2000, planting and pastoring Praise Fellowship until fall 2011.  In December 2012 the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) accepted and affirmed his ordination.

Rick holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting from Western Kentucky University.  He also holds a certificate in Religious Studies from Samaritan Institute and completed a Master’s degree in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary.

Rick has over eleven years’ experience in accounting in the Credit Union industry.  He resigned as the Accounting Supervisor of LOC Federal Credit Union in 2003 to dedicate himself to work in the church.

Rick joined the Board of Directors of Hands Across the Waters in 2011, as a representative from the LGBT community. He says “My family has been blessed by adoption and I sought a way to give back to the community. It has been a privilege to serve on the board of Hands Across the Water.”

Rick and his partner since 1995 were married in a private ceremony in New York in August 2013 by a Disciples of Christ colleague.  Their young son, Richard served as ring bearer for Daddy & Papa’s wedding. You can reach Rick at jofdisciples@gmail.com


Childcare Worker: Rev. Izabella Hutzler

Iza, an ordained pastor, works with our children and youth and she’s very experienced, as she has four kids of her own. She says, “If you have four kids, you either love it or hate it or somewhere in between.” She is fortunate to find a lot of spiritual fulfillment through her kids.

She tries to combine this spiritual experience with her passion for sustainability and the environment every Sunday morning while sharing sacred space and time with children. You can reach Iza at: iza.hutzler@alumni.austinseminary.edu


Youth Mission: Aislyn and Cheyanne

Aislyn, a student at Washtenaw Community College, and Cheyanne, an Ann Arbor Community High School student, lead the church’s mission efforts through the Youth Empowered to Serve (Y.E.S.) group for students 13-18 years old.

Our youth have played a critical role in the holy work of the church to love and serve others. The group of, incredibly ordinary and gifted teens, believe that God’s in charge and their response to His leading – is a simple YES!

Aislyn and Cheyanne are sisters and best friends. They have discovered that it is important to have a "servant heart" toward each other and everyone. They would love to talk to you about what young people are doing in our community to feed the hungry; fight homelessness; respond to injustice; and meet the needs of people, especially LGBTQ teens.  When you get a chance ask them why these particular ministries are important to them and why service draws them to others and to Christ. 

As Aislyn has noted, “We want to help the next generation see the world through God’s eyes.” Aislyn and Cheyanne can be reached at jofdisciples@gmail.com or visit the youth mission website at youthempoweredtoserve.org


Discover the Disciples at www.disciples.org.

Regional Minister for Michigan: Rev. Eugene James
General Minister and President: Rev. Dr. Sharon E. Watkins

“Precious Lord, may we be a faithful, growing church, that demonstrates true community, deep Christian spirituality and a passion for justice. Amen.”