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Christmas Giving Store:   

"Last winter, Jeff shyly approached a volunteer and asked if he could have two of the "quiet bags" being prepared for kids to use during worship services.  The bags were filled with crayons, markers, books, a small stuff animal or a toy, and snacks.  Jeff wanted to give his grandchildren a Christmas present. He was going to get a chance to see them both on Christmas.  And, it was important to him to meet them bearing gifts.  Four more people followed his example and requested “giving gifts” too.

This year, we're going to try a new idea — we're opening a Christmas store at the church while we're hosting the warming center.

Our guests at the Daytime Warming Center will be able to pick out items from the store to wrap and give as presents to their loved ones.   We'll also bake and decorate cookies so that our guests can leave having received a gift too.

We are looking for volunteers to help to wrap gifts, bake cookies, or to just visit with our guests. Singing Christmas songs is welcome! The Christmas Store will be open for our warming center guests to "shop and wrap" on Friday, December 15th between 10:00am-2:00pm. If you'd like to volunteer, please let Jo Ella know at jcoles at umich dot edu

With your help, our guests will be able to participate in the joy of gift giving with their loved ones.

We hope you will have a chance to join us!


"For it is in giving that we receive ..."  — Francis of Assisi