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why attend this church?

"We’re a small, diverse, inter-generational, mission-oriented Christian community in Ann Arbor.  Having served and fought for justice as Memorial Christian Church for 125 years, we're entering a new moment in our life, one in which we're poised for growth and excitement."  —Pastor Alex

We know attending church doesn't make sense for a lot people today.  You might have even asked yourself — why bother? 

For us, there are two compelling reasons to attend church:  

o   Being the church (not just attending) is about living your life for Christ.  That’s deeply scriptural and holy and powerful.

o   Gathering together was Jesus’ idea.   We figure Jesus knows something we don't.


So, why attend this church?

o   This is a safe place for people to explore their faith. 

o   Nothing changes the world more powerfully than the love and hope of Christ shared with a world that so desperately needs it — we want the church to be a part of that.

o   We believe everything this church says or does should try to reflect God's love for everyone.


"Join us any Sunday to worship and be fed by our living God!"  —Pastor Alex