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Sometimes, we think of the BIble as a series of isolated morality tales with 66 books of thousands of stories.  In actuality, there aren't thousands of stories, nor 66 stories or even two stories within the Old and New Testament. 

As our kids are re-telling the Bibles stories, we hope they learn that the real story – is one big story.  That big story is about what God has done through His never abandoning, unbreaking, relentless, always with us and forever love for us.  

Just for the fun of it, watch our kids retell Bible stories in their own words; or view the pictures and written words of a different kind of proclamation about God's story.

“Sometimes, I just like to eat” —Zander (December 2018)


"I WIll Make You Fishers of Men” (February 2017)

A Musical: Christmas in the Land of Oz (December 2016)

The Wicked Witch of the West is the Grinch of this delightful holiday musical when she steals Christmas from Munchkinland.  This isn't a Tony-award winning musical, but the kids of the church may help you rediscover the spirit of Christmas to take back to your own home.  (The play is a crossover between "The Wizard of Oz and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with a heavy emphasis on the "real reason for the season.")

xmas play 2016.jpg

The Story of Dorcas (November 2015)

Bella:  The Great Magician (October 2015)

In recent years, Journey of Faith kids have organized a halloween party for homeless families and children temporarily housed at Alpha House.  The kids host the SPOOKTACULAR EVENT in costume for games, prizes, and lots of fun.  Wannabe ghosts, goblins and, at least, one pirate – gear up for an afternoon of trick-or-treating. 

Lunch is served and then Alpha House residents are tempted with ghoulishly fun activities, face-painting, a magic show, balloon animals, and a treasure hunt that is sure to be an awesome treat. 

The church offers a safe fun time for children by helping out with the games or crafts and providing healthy treats for the kids.  It's always been a great opportunity to have fun with friends, meet some new ones, and serve our community.

Jesus Walks on Water (March 2014)

The Story of Jonah (April 2013)

“Superheroes & God's Ordinary People Have to Practice Their Lines” (September 2012)


"God has a BIG story and our children and youth are in it!"


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