Spiritual gifts

We’ll examine what the Bible says about spiritual gifts and help you begin the process to discover your gifts and determine how to use them!

Take a moment to recall a gift you received last Christmas or at your last birthday. Do you still have it? Did you have a hard time remembering what gift you received?

When we receive a gift, the giver of the gift wants us to use it. And sadly if we don’t, it just ends up in a closet somewhere and we forget about it. That’s how it is with the gifts God gives us!

So what are spiritual gifts? Spiritual gifts are the abilities God gives us that make us unique. God wants us to know our spiritual gifts; every Christ-follower has been given at least one gift.

God has given us gifts to equip us to be able to serve. And, God has already planned the good works he wants us to do.

You’ve taken the gift assessment test, now what?

After you’ve taken the gift assessment you’ll receive a profile sheet for each of the gifts you’ve identified. The sheet will give you more information about the gift and possible serving opportunities to use the gift.

We’d encourage you to experiment with different ministry opportunities to use your gifts. Try out different methods of using the gift so you can determine if it truly is a gift area.

Select the top 3 highest scores for your spiritual gifts and download the documents.

If you would like to attend a “Spiritual Gifts Workshop” to learn more about your gifts — just let us know.

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