how do you see yourself?

Pause for a moment and think about it. What thoughts have you had about yourself today?

If only we could see ourselves the way God sees us. Many of us never understood that God sees us in a different way than we see ourselves.

Sometimes, we see ourselves through the eyes of betrayal, hurt and rejection or the ways others define us. But, God as the author of our stories pens a different truth. The truth of “who we are” — is authored by God, not the world.

We know what it's like to wonder if your life is making a difference for your family, community or even God's kingdom. Our desire is to help you discover how God has uniquely gifted you and sees you. 

When you discover your spiritual gifts, you can begin fulfilling the purpose to which God called you and make a lasting impact with your life.  God wants to be involved in the work of remaking you, your family, your neighborhood and the world.

Let’s begin the journey of discovering your identity through God’s eyes. In the process, maybe a new reality replaces the lies, shame, addictions, or notions of “not being good enough” and anything else that’s holding you back from seeing your way to a new life in Christ — what is true of God changes what is true of you. This is your reveal.

o   How about taking 20 minutes to learn more about the unique ways God sees you?

o   What are your next steps?

Now that you have a better idea of what your spiritual gifts are try identifying areas in the church, your community or your job where you can start using those gifts, plus your passions, talents, and other abilities — it will help you get ready to start putting those gifts to work living, loving, and serving.

o   Still uncertain about what to do next?

if you feel like you’re still wandering without any true purpose, that doesn't mean you're lost. You can regain your sense of purpose and discover what God has for your life.

It's often said that God works at the intersection of our gifts and our passions. Where do your gifts meet your passions? That may be God's purpose for you.

o   Would you like help finding specific ways to implement your gifts?

Please feel free to contact us for some ideas on what to do next. If you’re interested in having a mentor walk intentionally alongside you, let us know that too.

If God is inviting you to take a journey with Him — our advice is to take the ticket.  Just do it. You can’t begin to imagine the freedom that awaits you on the other side of your “Yes!” to God.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come. —2 Corinthians 5:17”