serve in & around our community

All around us, people are hurting. They are tired, worn down and lonely. God cares deeply about the real-life challenges of real people in our neighborhoods. There is no hidden agenda or secret motive.  We’re just doing what we can to make a difference.

There are practical ways you can show God's love through service and sharing your personal testimony of faith. Through, service there’s a glimpse of what God’s reign offers — a world of justice, love and saving acts on the behalf of others. We’re working to serve our community by focusing on three areas:

"Jesus came to serve, not to be served ..." — Matthew 20:28



Pray & be present

We wrestle with the question, "How can we be known as a faith community that loves mercy, seeks justice, and walks humbly with God?"

Justice has been at the core of our faith for a long time now.  

We continue to rediscover what biblical justice looks like for us today.  We think it's pass time again to stand up and take action to protect people from hate, violence and persecution.

If you want to do something now to help ... There are few ideas to get you started:  

“Preach the gospel at all times, and when absolutely necessary use words.” —Richard Rohr



Stay Informed & Speak out

What does it take to make a difference?

Simply put, people like you doing simple things. Calling and writing your legislator. Educating people in your community. Connecting with others.

You may have a passion for building a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. This is why we want to give you some tools to become a more effective advocate for the common good.

Below you will find a variety of resources that you can utilize in your advocacy work. They are designed so that you can print them out and share them with the people in your community. Sometimes, the most obvious ways you can take action are by:

o   Staying informed about which bills are being introduced to Congress. You can find your representatives and literally ‘track’ which legislation is currently being debated in Congress.

o   Speaking out to make your voice heard. You can contact your congressman or senator and let them know how you feel about an issue or write a letter to influence legislation.

o   Bringing people of faith together, institutions and organizations to build community and address the root causes, and results of poverty, violence and division can change the character of political debate and provide a glimpse of God’s hope for a better world.

"Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me."  — Jesus


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