connecting with Seniors & their caregivers


What’s Happening in Our Community: We have a new frontier on aging. In Washtenaw County, the fastest growing segment in our community overall are people 75 and older. As a result, the postwar guarantee of a safety net for seniors so they wouldn't be poor and uncared for  will be difficult to keep.

In the U.S., half a million people over 60 usually spend each day alone, with no interaction with others, and nearly half a million more commonly don't see or speak to anyone for five or six days a week. By 2040, life for everyone will be shaped to a great extent by how we respond now to the needs of the elderly.  With two decades to go, our community is not prepared to fully and justly support its growing senior population.  

An underlying issue, affecting all categories, is caregiving.  Professional caregivers burn out quickly.  Unpaid caregivers juggle many competing demands. Finally, all of the above challenges interconnect: access to transportation affects access to health care and nutritious food; unsafe housing or absence of an appropriate caregiver decreases the chances of aging in place; and so on.