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Save Our Planet

Journey of Faith hopes to be known in our community as a "green sanctuary."  We want to live out our faith by caring for God's creation.


As the church ...

o   We're working to reduce our environmental footprint.   

o   We're interested in helping people grow in their understanding of creation stewardship and how our daily living can be a response to God's call to "cultivate and protect the garden."

As Christians ...

o   While we're working to eliminate injustice.  It's important to meet people's needs.  But, it's not simply about meeting peoples' day-to-day needs.  It’s also about doing something that moves us toward a more humane and equal allocation, of all the things, God has given to all people.

o   By continuing to learn about what’s happening with our environment, we can inform and inspire others to action, including findings ways to implement faith-based programs like "Lent 4.5 Christian Simplicity."  

Individually, as People of Faith ...

o   We can use our purchasing and investing power to support organizations and businesses that show good stewardship and leadership in environmental areas.

o   We can support candidates demonstrating a record of environmental responsibility.  We can promote actions that advance global cooperation on this issue.


Get the facts and make sure your voice is heard!


"Creator God, the earth is an amazing gift. Inspire us as we make choices so that we'll recognize the impact our lives have on our environment and our human family around the globe.  We stand in awe of your Holy Creation."  Amen.