JOF metrics

Finding the right measurements and defining the results to be measured is a significant challenge for the church. The things that matter most – transformed lives, spiritual growth, and congregational health – are the most difficult to measure. And, numbers can be misleading, inaccurate and not tell the whole story.

Is it worth the time and effort to measure what is truly meaningful?  Because numbers do tell a story, measuring the mission of the church is important and every statistic does represent a life. Jesus counted, the early church tracked numbers and Paul reported that “many thousands of Jews have believed” (Acts 21:20).

The New Testament church cared that people believed and were baptized. Likewise, the right metrics help today’s church leaders assess effectiveness, identify opportunities for growth, provide accountability, gain insight into what works and to make good decisions about the allocation of precious resources.



"Measuring What Matters" — J. Baker