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Art On A Journey: Featuring Seth Best

Ann Arbor has impressive art communities  —  including artists who live in the shadows, under overpasses, makeshift campgrounds and shelters. These people are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, architects, artists, and artisans not in previous lives but at this very moment. Although these artists haven’t amassed a sizable following or reached certain levels of notoriety, we wanted to showcase some of their art. 

As part of Journey of Faith’s monthly art celebration, the gallery (1900 Manchester Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48104) will be featuring the artwork of local artist, Seth Best. Seth’s wonderfully colored landscape scenes and abstracts are impressive. We know Seth through his work and leadership with the Daytime Warming Center. All of his artwork is for sale (cash only) with 10% of proceeds being donated to Journey of Faith’s homeless ministry.

Journey of Faith’s work with M.I.S.S.I.O.N.A2 has helped us better understand many of the complexities surrounding homelessness. We’re choosing to use our resources to provide a physical space that can help continue an ongoing conversation about homelessness; shedding light on those who are most often in the shadows.

This event is not about art so much so as it is about people. It is about our juxtaposition between having everything and having nothing and how thin the line is. On either side of the fence, the canvas of art remains unchanged. Highlighting the skill of those affected by homelessness helps to continue the conversation about those in need and our call to act. We hope that you’ll join in on the journey,