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Reflecting on All Saints Day

Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day-- a few names come easily to us when begin to brainstorm 'modern saints.' We don't want to lose sight of these heroes (or the, perhaps, lesser knowns like Bayard Rustin and Martha P. Johnson) and their legacies. Their memories call us to more faithful discipleship and can strengthen us in difficult times. 

However, most of us have a deeper pull toward more ordinary saints: a grandma who always made sure we had more than enough to eat; a spouse who never let us forget our worth; a friend who stuck by our side when the rest of the world came crashing down around us. These people are the hardest to say goodbye to and their memories are the most tender to carry. 

On this All Saints Sunday, whose memory tugs at your heart? Which ordinary saint (or saints) is God still working through in your life?  You are invited to bring in a memento (a photograph or small object) that reminds you of someone you've loved and lost, an ordinary saint, precious, even if to no one else, to you. We'll place these around our communion table on Sunday remembering that they remain with us at that table, now and always. 

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