Affordable & Fair Housing


We invite you to join Journey of Faith in helping to change lives in our community.  Ever wonder what story lies behind someone who has no home to live in? Did you know that people who are houseless don’t all live on the street, and the vast majority are not addicts or mentally ill, either.

Want to do something about access to affordable housing?: We don’t require the homeless guests we hosts to be in a church service in order to receive food, clothing or anything else. Our volunteers only role is to enjoy the good company; prepare and serve a good meal; and offer a welcoming sanctuary to people, at the moment, who don’t have a safe place to go to. And, then spend time imagining the dignity and value you want a homeless brother or sister to receive as they wrestle in prayer for his or her well-being.

We hope we’re building caring and loving relationships with a community that has blessed us with their presence and the soulful gifts of their hearts.  We’ve received more from this special family of the unhoused than they will ever know.

What to do next?: Explore ministries that may align with your gifts and passions.  And, yes we need you!

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o   If you need more information about what’s happening in our communities around this issue, Develop a doc like this click here and here.

o   If you want to immediately begin working to help stabilize a housing crisis or meet an emergency housing-related need — here are some practical and easy ways you can get started:


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"We believe that Christ dwells in each and every person, a reminder of our individual dignity and belovedness and of our personal call to be Jesus' hands and feet in the world, healing the broken and fighting for justice."  —Pastor Alex McCauslin


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