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We invite you to join Journey of Faith in helping to change lives in our community. 

Ever wonder what story lies behind someone who has no home to live in? Did you know that people who are houseless don’t all live on the street, and the vast majority are not addicts or mentally ill, either.

Want to do something about homelessness?: We don’t require the homeless guests we hosts to be in a church service in order to receive food, clothing or anything else. Our volunteers only role is to enjoy the good company and offer a welcoming sanctuary to people, at the moment, who may not have a safe place to go to. And, lastly, we hope volunteers will spend time imagining the dignity and value you want a homeless brother or sister to receive as you compassionately pray for that person’s well-being.

We hope we’re building caring and loving relationships with a community that has blessed us with their presence and the soulful gifts of their hearts.  We’ve already received more from this special family of the unhoused than they will ever know.

What to do next?: Explore the ministries below that may align with your gifts and passions.  And, yes we need you!

o   If you need more information about what’s happening in our communities around this issue, click here and here.

o   If you want to immediately begin working to help stabilize a housing crisis or meet an emergency housing-related need — here are some practical and easy ways you can get started:


Soap & Suds:   Journey of Faith has a laundry and shower facility available to families and individuals experiencing homelessness. We are always looking for volunteers to host our guests and provide them with a meal while they're at the facility showering or washing their clothes.   We set up appointments for guests to use this service on Tuesday — Saturday at 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. 


Clothing Closet:   At the church, we have a room filled with clothing items that have been donated to give to people who need them. We are always looking for more donations (clean clothes in good shape, only), as well as, people to volunteer to organize what we receive. Donated clothing are given to homeless guests at the church when they're using our facility to wash their clothes and bathe. 


Cold Weather Care Kits:  These kits are given to the homeless needing basic toiletries. We're always collecting new soap, toilet paper, toothpaste and other items. We are also looking for people to volunteer to help put the cold weather care kits together and deliver them to our homeless brothers and sisters in the community.

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Food Pantry:  We offer a small emergency food pantry that provides guests using our shower and laundry facilities perishable and non-perishable food items (boxed, canned, and packaged). Because of the depressed economic conditions in southeast Michigan, more and more families and individuals, especially the homeless, are in need of assistance in feeding themselves. Contributions of canned and non-perishable food items are welcome.


Art on a Journey Gallery: Homeless and formerly homeless whose individual stories, history and perspectives create beautiful works that are unique to each artist's experience. A wide variety of style, size and method is the hallmark of the collection of featured works by local artists.  When homeless artists create and sell art they gain much needed financial support and self esteem through the value of their work.

We offer a free and open gallery serving the homeless. Join us every 2nd Friday of the Month from 4:00-8:00 at Journey of Faith featuring a local artist’s amazing gift and work. All artwork is for sale (cash only). Artists are also donating 10% of what they sell to Journey of Faith's homeless ministry. Making sense of the world and finding meaning and purpose in it — is a journey we're all on.  


School Backpacks and Supplies:  When school is about to start — it’s a time of excitement, fun, and discovery for many children. But, for some homeless students, it means showing up at school without crayons or pencils, notebooks or other supplies they need.  Unfortunately, many parents can’t pay for their children's supplies and some public schools are also unable to provide the necessary items.

The "Body of Christ" can help to fill the gap — not for everybody, but where we can, we do. Journey of Faith's School Backpack ministry partners with The University of Michigan’s Information and Technology Services (ITS) and Michigan Medicine’s Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) to provide school backpacks , on a “first come, first served” basis to homeless children. Contact the church office for more information.


One of the most blessed and special gifts Journey of Faith received was a request by homeless community members from M.I.S.S.I.O.N.A2 to host a memorial service for a beloved friend. It would be a chance for more than 45 homeless members to celebrate and recognize the friend they had cared about and who made a difference in their lives.

Journey of Faith worked with M.I.S.S.I.O.N.A2 to plan a memorial service. The service was opened up to anyone who wanted to come forward and share a story or two. At the conclusion of the service, Journey of Faith hosted a “family-style” meal for attendees.

Contact the church office at (734) 971-4245 or for more information on how Journey of Faith, on a limited basis, may be able to provide some support. In creating personalized services, with the individual’s favorite music, and stories from their friends, and using his or her name, the community reminds itself of the fullness of that individual. Being treated with respect and cared for — is all most of us really want.


Daytime Warming Center:  Journey of Faith, in partnership with M.I.S.S.I.O.N.A2 , hosts the Daytime Warming Center usually in December and March. Volunteers are needed to help prepare and serve meals, visit with guests and provide donations of toiletries, wool socks, and undergarments for our guests.


Sleeping Mats for the Homeless: We're partnering with retirement centers in Dexter and Chelsea to do something unusual and wonderful with seniors — we’re making sleeping mats for our homeless brothers and sisters in our community. We've got a couple of great volunteers ready to teach you how to make “balls of plarn” — that's short for "plastic yarn."  

Plarn is made by cutting plastic grocery bags into strips, which are then crocheted together into a single long strand. By some miracle, plastic bags become plarn and that gets woven together to make sleeping mats for the homeless.

Each mat keeps 500-700 plastic bags out of a landfill. We get a chance to do our "creative thing" and weave it into serving others. And, more importantly, it’s a chance to connect seniors with opportunities that make the most of their experience and skills – to allow them to remain productive, feel engaged and unlock value for our community. What's not to love!

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Christmas Giving Store:   This year, we'd like to provide gifts for homeless guests at the Daytime Warming Center to give to a family member or friend.  It's our hope to have everyone share in the Christmas spirit even those who really don't have anything tangible to give. We would like to collect new gifts (under $10).   

A "wishlist" is available of suggested items to donate.  You can also donate something else you feel is a little bit more unique or special to give.  Your donation of a gift, under $10, will be most appreciated — whatever it is. 

With your help, homeless guests coming to the Daytime Warming Center in December will be able to be part of the gift-giving process too.  We'll have gift wrapping supplies for our homeless guests to decorate the gifts you've so generously donated for them to give away.  


 Do you want to make a donation today to support this ministry?


"We believe that Christ dwells in each and every person, a reminder of our individual dignity and belovedness and of our personal call to be Jesus' hands and feet in the world, healing the broken and fighting for justice."  —Pastor Alex McCauslin


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