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September 23, 2018

From Pastor Alex...

Connecting Across Difference...

Often the first thing I do when I meet someone new is to try to figure out what we have in common. Have we lived in any of the same places? Do we know any of the same people? Do we share any of them same interests? Etc. 

When we encounter people with whom we share little or none, genuine connection can be a challenge. Fear, hurt, mistrust, uncertainty, boredom-- these can keep us apart. As we seek to live out our call to connect with all, we must force the issue: how can we connect with people who are very different from us? 

This Sunday in worship we will wrestle with a particularly challenging set of differences to overcome: differences of values. How do we connect fully, genuinely, and respectfully with people who's values seem antithetical to our own? Join us this week as we begin to explore this challenging aspect of our call to connection. 

You can listen to our Connecting Across Difference playlist by clicking here


Friday                            September 21

6:30PM                           Making a Difference Mission Dinner

Wednesday                    September 26

6:30PM                           Worship Team Meeting

Thursday                        September 27

10AM                              Executive Team Meeting

Sunday                            September 30

5-7 PM                            (Trans)cendence Service

Saturday October 6

9-11 Board Meeting

12:00 Community Building Clean Up


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