you were made FOR GOOD

Derek Penwell in his book, “Outlandish” writes: “Jesus did everything wrong. Embracing the people society pushed to the margins.

Healing the hurting and confronting those doing harm. Expecting outrageous commitment from his followers. Questionable teaching methods.

A humiliating end followed by an improbable surprise ending. And then, somehow, inspired millions to attempt to change the world in his name.”

You’ve got a part in God’s story of pursuing a “world to come” — we long, yearn and pine for the beauty and majesty of heaven, especially when it collides with the world that is.

Jesus works to help you see what's special about you and your God-given gifts — whatever they are, to make something in the world better — in your own life or in the lives of others. You were made to be good and do good.

"The world’s depending on those who say they love Jesus to live like Jesus."  —Derek Penwell

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