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God's Crazy Love

What is it?

Imagine a church-wide campaign that spends the month of November offering our spiritual gifts; reflecting on the weekly sermons; and engaging in daily devotional readings and prayer – along with a single hour on Nov. 19th that a congregation dedicates to serving others with the kind of love God gives us.   The life and love for our neighbor that Jesus calls us to is absolute craziness to the world.

How You Can Help

We hope you will consider participating in Journey of Faith Christian Church’s effort on November 19th to serve our community at 10:30.  You can choose from several service opportunities noted below.  Everything you’ll need to serve will be available at the church that Sunday morning.   We’ll start the morning at 10:30 with prayer, praise songs and a communion meal before going out and doing our “John 13:12-14” thing.   (Not literally, but you get the picture ;-)

There will be prayer time for those unable to go out and serve.  Prayer is an important part of serving with a heart and spirit that seeks to respond to others with generosity and thanksgiving.  We need people to pray for our efforts and the people we serveAfter serving the community for an hour, we’ll come back to the church to share a Thanksgiving meal.

Maybe, you will take the opportunity to invite a friend or family member to serve with you.  It’s an important and unique aspect of this initiative.  What a cool thing that can be – the church, our families and friends working side by side to help bring God’s Kingdom on Earth!   

You can sign-up for a service activity:

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Join us on Sunday, Nov. 19th at 10:30 to see the church living as God intended the church to live and to see the Spirit working as the Spirit always is.

"You're constantly being called to fall in love again with God, by God."  — Francis Chan