Journey of Faith Christian Church

Report on the Congregational Meeting

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Congregational Meeting was called to order with prayer by Rosalie Karunas, chair of the Executive Team. The purpose of this meeting was to share information about the financial status of the church, decisions made by the Executive Team regarding the finances, and to share stories about the good things that are happening in the life of the church.

Pam VanHeyningen presented information regarding the investment fund held by the church. Currently, Pam and JoElla are completing paperwork that will allow the church access to fund available for use and also allow us to view the accounts in Vanguard. Most of the investment funds have permanent funds which draw interest and it is this interest that is available for our use. This is not a new practice. The VanWagoner and the Baker-Daugherty accounts have approximately $13K in available which is being withdrawn to be used for the portion of salaries that align with the purposes of these funds. There is in the Vanguard account approximately $11K in the music fund that the church has already spent from the general fund for instruments, technology, the concert series and the band. The money in the music fund will be withdrawn to repay the general fund. Members of the Executive Team have been in conversation with the families associated with each of the memorial funds regarding their wishes as we look for new and creative ways to use our resources.

JoElla Coles presented information about the 2018 pledges. In 2017 there were about 30 pledging units. In 2018 there are 8 pledging units with commitments of $53K. The projected operating expenses for the 2018 are $190K. When writing grants and talking to other funding agencies, they want to know how many in the congregation support the church financially. This is measured not only in the amount of money pledged but also in the number of pledging units or percentage of the membership that have made pledges. If you have not made a pledge for 2018, please do so.

We are not alone in the work we do. People outside of the congregation are seeing what we are doing and are supporting our efforts. Two donors have provided the funds to hire a grant writer who will work with us as we pursue grants to support our work with the homeless. The person who installed our WiFi system helped us get the equipment at half-price and then donated his labor because of what he saw when the Warming Center was here. We are providing not only for those we wish to serve in the name of Jesus, but also for those who see what we are trying to do and wish to work alongside us.

Looking back over the last 12-18 month, where have you seen Evangelism and Soul Care at Journey of Faith? Pastor Alex led us in an exercise where we listed the things that we have witnessed in these two areas. Among the many things listed were the Warming Center, the Circles dinners, plarn and sleeping mats, and the list goes on. As a community of faith we have many things to celebrate! The meeting closed in a circle with prayer.