“My love has been in a terrible accident! Don’t know if they’re gonna make it! Prayers please.” 

“I just won $5,000 and free trip to Disney in a radio contest! Looking for someone to come with!” 

Both of these statements have made their way across my Facebook or Twitter feed in past years… followed (hours later) by a hearty, “April Fool’s!” 

If you are like me, one of those statements is much more believable than the other. At the first, my heart clenches and my mind turns to God in fervent prayer. At the second, my eyebrows lift and my fingers click to find out if my friend’s been hacked.

Given our experiences of the world and how our brains process them, bad news is much easier to believe than good. When, on Easter morning, Mary rushes to the tomb to find it empty, her response feels very real: she believes that Jesus’ body has been taken by grave robbers. 

The truth—that he’s been resurrected, risen up from the grave, and is ascending to heaven—is much harder to believe, for Mary and for us. Easter may be on April 1st this year, but it’s no April Fool’s joke; it’s real. 

On Easter, we are challenged to shift our focus to the light—to hope. Though darkness and death remain very real, Easter challenges to see the world as a place where impossibly wonderful things can and do happen. Where is it happening around you?