We’re an imperfect bunch of people.


Sometimes, making life messy and miserable for ourselves and others.


Sometimes, hitting that sweet spot where you're inspired by the people you touch and the things you learn from them.  It's then when you realize you're living this meaningful and "wonderful life."


We're unashamed, unapologetic followers of Christ — trying to live the kind of life Jesus lived.


We want to connect with other imperfect people to worship and serve — a most Holy God! 


We're a peace-and-justice-oriented, LGBTQ-affirming, progressive faith community. 


We think it's ok for everyone to bring their culture, their voice, their whole self to church. 


We’re a small church and we think that’s a big deal.  We’re small enough to personally know each other; and support one another in ways that are compassionate and authentic.  


We're crazy enough to know "there's not a shot in hell," we'll ever eliminate the monstrously big problems facing humanity like homelessness, hatred, poverty, war, and rapid climate change.


But, we try anyways.


We've helped to start good things in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti communities like the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN at Alpha House), Friends in Deed, Washtenaw/Ann Arbor Hunger Walk (CROP), Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice (ICPJ); and, more recently, the "Soap & Suds" ministry for low-income and homeless families to shower or wash their clothes at the church. 


We've seen big things come out of small places.  


And, we really don't mind cute, squirrelly kids who just can't sit still in worship. 


We would like to get to know you!